Deanna Won: From Deathbed to Successful Entrepreneur

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From deathbed to successful entrepreneur, Deanna Won’s journey is both inspiring and incredible. Join Roel Sarmago and listen to how Deanna faced the end of her life with faith and determination. Discover how she not only lived but found her passion for helping others—a passion that led her to quit her job and build an influential career through entrepreneurship.

One Month to Live

Doctors diagnosed Deanna with a terminal illness and told her that she had one month to live. Her time in hospice care was excruciating and painful. But pain is a powerful teacher. She learned truths about health and living that have shaped the powerful person she is today. With new found health and knowledge she found her passion in helping others through holistic healing. Through successful entrepreneurship she now teaches others as a health coach and speaker.

Former Air Force Colonel and Physicist

Deanna is a former Air Force Colonel and physicist of over 26 years. She is the recipient of several awards including:

  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research Field Grade Officer of the Year
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics First Place Award in Public Policy
  • Woman of the Year 2015-16 by the National Association of Professional Women

Listen to this insightful story and learn why Deanna Won encourages everyone to let go of life itself in order to uncover peace and find freedom from fear.

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