Joan Posivy: How She Made Various Livings Trusting Her Entrepreneurial Instincts

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Having achieved success fairly early in life, one might find it difficult to imagine why Joan Posivy would want to deviate from her bright career in the banking industry to become an entrepreneur. Joan was only 19 when she bought her very own house. Additionally she was only 22 when she became a bank manager – making her the youngest bank manager in all of Canada at the time.

In this podcast episode, join Roel Sarmago and Joan Posivy as they discuss her inspiring journey from being a young successful bank manager to living a life far more than she could have previously imagined.

Entrepreneurial Early Bloomer

When Joan decided to become an entrepreneur, she was already in the banking industry, having entered the workforce relatively earlier in life than most people. She shares how she was a part-time teller as soon she graduated high school. At only age 16, she was working at the bank every Thursday and Friday night.

Joan was 19 years old when she discovered a series of principles that led her to realize that anyone can live the life of their dreams and that they just need to be shown how. She discusses these principles in her new book entitled “The Way Success Works: How to Decide, Believe, and Begin to Live Your Best Life”.

Sharing Her Journey with the World

In this podcast episode, Joan discusses her wonderful journey together with Roel Sarmago:

  • Her very own narrative as to what prompted her to quit the banking industry and start an amazing life as an entrepreneur
  • The principles she discovered at a young age that made her realize that there’s always a way to solve anything.
  • And finally how she was able to move from one chapter of her life to another, and how anyone else can do the same.

You can buy her new book “The Way Success Works: How to Decide, Believe and Begin to Live Your Best Life” using my Amazon affiliate link. Check out the glowing endorsement for her book given by none other than featured teacher of “The Secret”, Bob Proctor.

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