Laura Reagan: Courage to Be a Social Entrepreneur

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Laura Lyles Reagan wears many hats. She is the owner and founder of Creative Alignment Consulting. With a Masters in Sociology she calls herself a social entrepreneur.  She carries a grants won record of $50,000,000 and has helped countless others through the development of programs that support parents and teenagers including: Together Time, Texas AIM, and Heart 2 Heart Parents.

From Non-Profit Executive to Entrepreneur

Listen as she retells her journey from non-profit executive to successful, and free, entrepreneur.  Her successful disposition as an executive attracted the attention of others.  People began asking questions, seeking advice and tips.  Soon she realized that her expertise carried a real value that others were seeking.  Entrepreneurship became the clear path ahead.

In this podcast Laura reveals:

  • How she juggled the weight of her day job with the task of consulting clients on the side—for seven years!
  • How she eventually took the plunge the plunge and quit her job and how she struggled with that decision.
  • The fantastic freedom of working for herself and defining her own mission. And,
  • How her venture Creative Alignment Consulting helps individuals and organizations with strategic planning, training and funding.
  • How she struggled with the idea of charging for services coming from a strong background in the nonprofit sector and how she overcame it.
  • How she chose to retain her sense of service by charging by project instead of by hour, but still keeping some of her services available for free.
  • The lessons she learned in starting a successful consulting business empowered her to follow another mission—helping parents and teenagers.
  • How her latest venture, Heart 2 Heart Parents, came from her expertise in mentoring programs and her desire to help parents prepare their teens for a successful future and why it didn’t take nearly as long to launch as her first venture.

Listen to this inspiring podcast interview and learn some very valuable lessons from a successful social entrepreneur.

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