Steve Hipple: From Family Business to Real Estate Investor

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Steve Hipple married into a pair of family business over ten years ago where he worked his butt off. He had a decent income and sustained a steady living. But in his thirties Steve realized he wanted to retire one day. He looked at his current employment situation and realized he had no way to save for his retirement. His current employment had no pension and no benefits, so in 2008 he started looking for ways to make more money.

In this podcast episode, join Roel Sarmago and Steve Hipple as they discuss how he used networking and education to become a successfully real estate investor.

The Benefits of Stepping Out of His Comfort Zone

Steve was yearning for change, for something more than the small business he was working for. Steve knew he wanted to become involved in the real estate world, but didn’t know how to start. He read books and studied to become an investor, but it wasn’t until he started networking that he started making progress. Steve drove four hours out of his way fairly regularly to attend networking events where real estate investors met to discuss their deals. There, he was introduced to people that helped him understand the basics of investing. His extreme effort to break his usual routine, step out of his comfort zone and find a way to travel more eventually paid off.

From networking he made many valuable connections in the real estate investing community, but it wasn’t until he took his investing education seriously that he was finally able to learn and implement a wide variety of complex (and profitable!) real estate investment strategies. They include: Buy Fix and Sell, Rent to Own and Joint Venture Deals to name a few. To date, Steve invested over $40,000 on his investor education–an amount he realizes very few people have the courage to invest in themselves outside of post-secondary education–but, eventually he made enough of a return through his investing activities to make the entire investment back and then some in just a few short years. By taking real-world education and having the guts to follow through, Steve Hipple eventually became a full-time real estate investor.

The Timeline to Steve’s Success

In this podcast episode, Steve Hipple shares the timeline of the important steps he made towards becoming a real estate investor:

  • 2008 – First showed an interest in the real estate world and started reading books on investing
  • 2009-2010 – Began travelling to networking conferences and invests in formal training and mentorships where he learned more about investing from the professionals
  • 2013-2015 – Sold one family business and then the other, fully committing to the real estate investing
  • 2015-present – Currently a “full-time” investor working part-time hours growing his portfolio of cash-flowing properties.

Listen to this eye-opening interview about how this real-life real estate investor had the courage to pay the price–both literally and figuratively–to become financially free through real estate investing.

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